Position Papers

BCI art: brain-computer interfaces in contemporary art By Mirjana Prpa & Philippe Pasquier

#Scanners 2 – The MOMENT: A New Brain-Controlled Movie By Richard Ramchurn

Neurally-Controlled Artbots By Adriane B. Randolph

The Future of Visual Art – Could Aesthetics Happily Marry Brain-Computer Interaction? By Danzhu Li & Gerrit C. Van der Veer

NeuroBrush: A Competitive, Artistic Multi-Modal BCI Application By Nick Cioli, Amanda Holloman, Chris Crawford

Design Your Preferred User Interface with Eye Movement and Electroencephalography Data By Shiwei Cheng & Qianjing Wei

The Gender Generator: A Brain-Computer Interface for the Evocation of Gender Dysphoria Symptoms By Josh Davis

The Mutual Wave Machine & Harmonic Dissonance By Suzanne Dikker & Matthias Oostrik

Passive Brain-Computer Interfacing in the Museum of Stillness By Laurens R. Krol, Nikolai Makarov, Lena M. Andreessen, Thorsten O. Zander, Aleksandra Podgorska

E.E.G. KISS: Shared Multimodal BCI Experience By Karen Lancel, Hermen Maat, Frances Brazier

Brain Activity and Mental Workload associated with Artistic Practice By Horia A. Maior, Max L. Wilson, Caroline Locke, Debra Swann

The Potential of Neuroadaptive Passive BCIs in the Arts By David Medine

Lykkemat By Nick Merrill